Roadmap Activators

December 18, 2019

Roadmap Activators

Career and Entrepreneur Tracks

Customized Roadmap | CHANGEMAKERS Roadmap Activator

Customized Roadmap

1:1 strategy session to develop a personalized plan to reach your goals faster.

Facilitated Peer Group Masterminding | CHANGEMAKERS Roadmap Activator

Facilitated Peer Group Masterminding

Brainstorm with your board of advisors to address challenges and strategize opportunities.

Mindset Mapping | CHANGEMAKERS Roadmap Activator

Mindset Mapping

Eliminate limiting beliefs and learn how to work to your strengths for greater results.

Bi-annual in-person Tribe Treats | CHANGEMAKERS Roadmap Activator

in-person Tribe Treats

Dynamic gatherings to create safe spaces for immersive learning, mindset shifts and fast-track results

Accountability Partner (AP) | CHANGEMAKERS Roadmap Activator

Accountability Partner (AP)

Connect with your AP for non-judgmental accountability and optimize focus to reach your goals. No need to go it alone, anymore.

24/7 group support | CHANGEMAKERS Roadmap Activator

24/7 group support

Access to a private LinkedIn group to celebrate wins, request feedback and cultivate meaningful friendships with other members.

Step-by-step online training | CHANGEMAKERS Roadmap Activator

Step-by-step online training

Video/audio how-to lessons to know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Bonuses | CHANGEMAKERS Roadmap Activator


Many yummy resources to fast track focus and results.