Quick Start Career Track

Excelling as a high-achieving woman in corporate America is not for the faint of heart. When I navigated my way through the ranks of private companies, I remember what a lonely time it was. My journey did not include a mentor or champion in the male-dominated industries in which I worked, so I identify and empathize with those who are making the climb behind me. We're cheering you on.

Our multi-touch, integrated business accelerator program is designed especially with you in mind.

Wherever you are in your journey, whether it is a career transition, ascending into leadership, serving on a management team, or somewhere in between, I invite you to consider what investing in yourself will mean to your life and your family’s lives.

When you become a CHANGEMAKER, join our supportive community and invest yourself in the proven process, some of the outcomes you may expect include:

Quick Start Career Track for Women Professionals

The bottom line of how CHANGEMAKERS is different: We help you leverage your strengths, refine your goals, develop and implement a focused strategy to create the career of your dreams by charting your own course. Yes, we make dreams come true. We know you’re worth it!