The Sage Explore Power: Pivot from your Sabotaging Inner Voices to Curiosity and Calm

Kimberly Rice

(adapted from Positive Intelligence™)

As one of the five PQ Sage powers, the Explore power helps us to become deeply curious about what is really happening in a situation before deciding and acting upon it.

When is it useful to leverage the Sage Explore Power?

If you ever question yourself about the best way to respond to a situation, the Explore Power comes in handy to encourage you to adapt a Beginner’s Mind. It is with deep curiosity that we focus on discovering the “why” of problems, etc. without fear or agenda regarding what will be discovered, without judgement.

The value is that the discovery is its own reward. Nothing further is needed.

When to Explore? – When you find yourself triggered by a person or circumstance, you can now ask yourself “Do I know what’s important about this before coming to a conclusion, decision or next step”?

Trying first to explore the answer helps us to stave off rash reaction. Instead, we pivot to opening our minds, calming our emotions and responding with a clear-headed focus.

Explore – Power Game: Fascinated Anthropologist

Each Sage power has a “Game”, “Guide” and “Move” to increase the shift into a more positive state.

The Game for the Explore power is that of a Fascinated Anthropologist, searching for the right answers.

A question to ask yourself would be what are ALL the relevant factors that might be contributing to this problem?

Focus on fully understanding what is going on first with yourself, others and our circumstances before figuring out what to do. This can be a powerful exercise to avert allowing our Saboteurs to take control.

Explore – Power Guide – To support your search for the “why” of a problem/issue while leveraging the Explore Power Guide (i.e., the “calmer” me), you want to ask yourself “How would “my Power Guide” feel/act in this situation”? – – This question discourages overreacting.

Explore – Power Move:

With this Sage tool, the Explore Power Move helps us shift our body into a more positive stance that helps us trigger the Explore power. An example would be to straighten your posture and sit up straight. These move evokes the Explore power by shifting into a more positive physicality.

To embellish our Explore Sage Power, we focus our emotions to curiosity, fascination, openness, awe and wonder.

By accessing the Explore Sage Power, we shut down our Saboteurs from hijacking ourselves and emotions so that we can experience calm since the path of the Sage is the path of ease and flow.

With guided practice, we keep our nasty Saboteurs at bay and are victorious in work performance, relationships and overall wellbeing. A worthwhile journey.

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