Sage Perspective Overview

Kimberly Rice

Adapting the Sage Perspective to Create Ease and Flow into your Life (one in a series of six)

As I have outlined in previous posts, we all have Saboteur voices which trip us up and create inner doubt to rob us of calm and joy in our lives.

There are 10 Saboteurs that persist inside our heads (refer to earlier posts) that can wreak havoc on our job performance, our relationships and our overall wellbeing.

Today’s post is an introduction to the Sage Perspective and how we may access these powers to turn down the volume on our Saboteurs to support pivoting our perspective to create calm, clear-headed focus and more positive emotions.

What a relief it can be, how much easier we can move through our lives, work and relationships when we know how to access and settle into this more joyous space.

The Sage Perspective is a belief that we can convert any circumstance or situation, no matter how difficult, into a gift and opportunity.

The Sage Perspective is not about minimizing, negating or ignoring difficult challenges, loss or heartache. We are not speaking of ‘positive thinking’ or identifying the silver lining.

No, accessing and adapting the Sage Perspective is much deeper than “willing” our emotions. Daily and actively taking steps to mitigate the sabotaging voices in our heads literally can re-wire our brains for good, positive things to follow.

The Sage Perspective is about acknowledging difficult situations and feelings and having the mental fitness and emotional strength to address these challenges with a clear-focused mind and positive emotions.

The Sage Perspective is about a deliberate and intentional mental pivot from being consumed, overwhelmed and potentially destroyed by adversity to genuinely embracing the potential for joy, growth, connection, learning and purpose.

Above all, the Sage Perspective is a path of re-learning and relating more positively to ourselves, to others and in all circumstances.

In the weeks ahead, I will outline the five Sage powers and how to introduce them into your life to eliminate the nasty sabotaging voices and convert life’s challenges and circumstances into gifts and opportunities.

It’s an exciting proposition, but one that you’ll benefit greatly from if you hop on the PQ (positive intelligence) train.

Watch my feed for PQ and Sage Perspective updates and/or DM me to learn the rest of the story, today.

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