Saboteur Interference with Innovate Sage Power

Kimberly Rice

(adapted from Positive Intelligence™)

We are all designed to want more.

More joy, more prosperity, more challenging jobs, better health and relationships…more – fill in the blank.

In fact, you may spend your life searching for the “more”. Sometimes it presents itself as a better job, a kinder partner, more in our bank accounts or more accepting family. Yet, we search.

The PQ Innovate Sage power teaches us to explore the question “Is there a better way that extends beyond the typical answers and create a better way to handle a challenge?”

When you tap into this power, you challenge the status quo, the “this is the way we’ve always done it” safety perspective. It builds confidence and opens your mind to new possibilities.

There is great opportunity for growth here and pivot into more positive energy.

As we move ourselves into the Innovate Sage Power, there is Saboteur Interference to be mindful of.

Be aware of how they try to trip us up as we move from the Innovate Sage Power and endeavor to find the “what’s more” for ourselves:

1.    Judge: sees what’s wrong, not what’s right, about each idea
2.    Avoider: limits innovation to avoid ideas that would be unpleasant or challenging to pursue
3.    Controller: narrows the scope of idea generation to not lose control of the narrative
4.    Hyper-Achiever: narrows the scope of idea generation to existing achievement targets
5.    Hyper-Rational: narrows the scope of idea generation to the rational/sensible
6.    Hyper-Vigilant threatened by innovation introducing more risks and anxieties
7.    Pleaser: suppresses own desire for innovation worried about hurting feelings
8.    Restless: pursues the next exciting idea, rather than systematically generating many ideas and then sticking with the best
9.    Restless: narrows idea generation through anxious premature need to know specifics
10.  Victim: diminishes enthusiasm about innovation and its potential impact

Keep an eye out of how these sneaky characters lest they high jack your thoughts, feelings and actions.

With guided practice, you can learn to keep your nasty Saboteurs at bay and show up more powerful in work performance, relationships and overall wellbeing. A worthwhile journey.

Are you tired of those negative inner voices (aka Saboteurs) running the show, in your brain?

Come join us at our next Mental Fitness Bootcamp, where we’ll outline the daily micro steps to move towards the Sage lifestyle.

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