Saboteur Interference with Activate Sage Power

Kimberly Rice

(adapted from Positive Intelligence™)
One of most powerful of the Sage Powers is Activate, which helps you to move into:
● Calm
● Clear-headed
● Laser-focus action

💡Moving into this Sage mode can help to preempt your Saboteurs.
The Activation Power Game is designed to calculate how to pre-empt your Saboteurs by:

●  Anticipating how your Saboteurs will try to sabotage your action.
●  Anticipating how your Sage would respond.

Consider an important action you’d like to take with the help of your Sage Activate power.

When faced with decisions to move forward or stay put, ask yourself:
❓What specific actions am I willing to commit to?
❓As I move into action, what lies do my Saboteurs try to tell me to sabotage this action?
❓How would my Sage response be?
Below are examples of how your Saboteurs may spread nasty lies:
Judge: “You aren’t doing this right. What’s wrong with you?”.
Avoider: “I’m not sure I want this outcome bad enough to push for it. Maybe I’m OK with things as they are”.
Controller: “I’m so anxious and frustrated that this is not going exactly as I planned”.
Hyper-Achiever: “With this latest setback, there’s a chance I will actually fail! Oh my god! What if I fail”?
Hyper Rational: “Why aren’t these people smarter and more logical. I don’t want to deal with their messy and flakey feelings”.
Hyper Vigilant: “There are SO MANY things that could go wrong. Why did I add this burden to my plate”?
Pleaser: “Taking this action will hurt some feelings”.
Restless: “I am not enjoying this at all. Why did I decide to do this”?
Stickler: “I know I can make this better, if I just had more time”.
Victim: “I know this has worked for others, but it won’t work for me”.
The next time you are working to take demonstrative action, consider at least three ways your Saboteurs may sabotage the effectiveness of your action and get out in front of it.
Visualize how the Sage Activate Power does not fall for the Saboteur lies and instead responds with:
● Calm
● Clear-headed
● Laser-focus action
With guided practice, you can learn to keep your nasty Saboteurs at bay and show up more powerful in work performance, relationships and overall wellbeing. A worthwhile journey.
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