(Adapted from Positive Intelligence™) – 5 of 6

Of all the five Sage powers, the NAVIGATE power is critically important to guide you with the compass of deeper meaning and purpose.

Think of it as your North star that helps:

  • Enable you to sort out what truly matters and what doesn’t.
  • Guide you through connecting you with your deeper sense of meaning, values and purpose.
  • Is critical to a purpose-driven life.
  • Align both your small and large steps with your “true North.”

The Navigate Safe Power supports moving away from the noisy Saboteurs and helps you re-focus and re-frame how you show up and move through your life and career.

The Power Game that the Navigate Sage Power poses for the greatest impact is to imagine seeking guidance from your Older Wiser Elder Self.

You are at the end of your life, healthy of mind and body. “At the end of my life, looking back at this situation, what was most important.” WOW!

From that ageless wisdom, what would you say is most important in this situation?

Talk about getting to “the most important thing”.

Consider your Navigate Power Guide as your Older Wiser Elder Self, that which helps you to align with your deeper values, meaning, purpose – the bigger WHY.

By accessing the Navigate Sage Power, you shut down your Saboteurs from hijacking you and your emotions so that you can experience calm since the path of the Sage is the path of ease and flow.

With guided practice, you keep your nasty Saboteurs at bay and are victorious in work performance, relationships and overall wellbeing. A worthwhile journey.

Are you ready to get moving towards a more calm and stress-free life and career?

To ditch the chaotic inner thoughts and Saboteurs that hold you back, from taking clear-headed, laser focused action?

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