(adapted from Positive Intelligence™)

How much of your time do you spend questioning whether there is a better way…to do your life, raise your children, show up more present in your business?

To eliminate persistent Saboteur voices from hijacking you, you can call upon the Innovation Sage Power, which offers a fresh way to shut down the nasty Saboteur inner voices and step into a more positive headspace.

One of the powers of the Innovate Sage Power is to explore the question “Is there a better way that extends beyond the typical answers and create a better way to handle a challenge?”

When you tap into this power, you challenge the status quo, the “this is the way we’ve always done it” safety perspective. It builds confidence and opens your mind to new possibilities.

A fun way to dive into this perspective is to conceive as many ideas as you can without judgement or evaluation. The trick is to engage in quick ideation so that new ideas feed upon one another. Brainstorming without limitation. Then evaluate and select workable ideas after rapid idea generation.

There is great opportunity for growth here and pivot into more positive energy.

The Power Game to practice is the “Yes…And” game.

The “Yes…And” game allows you to recognize that others are at least 10% right in their thinking (there is always an element of truth here) which allows you to innovate together, building stronger relationships.

Practice this game when interacting with others to acknowledge their ideas (even if you don’t agree with all of them) by stating “What I love about your idea is…and….”. The “and” is your opportunity to improve upon the other individual’s idea and offer your own ideas, feeding the innovation cycle process.

Your Saboteurs love to show up and derail this process and focus on what is wrong, shutting down the innovation cycle. Your Sage helps to focus on what is right and fuels the innovation cycle.

By accessing the Innovate Sage Power, you shut down your Saboteurs from hijacking you so that you can experience calm since the path of the Sage is the path of ease and flow.

With guided practice, you keep the nasty Saboteurs at bay and improve work performance, relationships and overall wellbeing. A worthwhile journey.

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