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Today, we explore the Empathize power, regarded as the most “feminine” power, based in compassion and love. At the other end of the spectrum is Activate, which is all about “focused Jedi” fierce action, which is wrapped in masculine energy. As well-balanced individuals, we must access both our feminine and masculine energies to operate in full Sage power.

The Empathize power teaches us to bring deep compassion and understanding to ourselves and others. It’s about feeling and showing appreciation, compassion and forgiveness.

Empathy has two targets: yourself and others. Both are important.

Deeper empathy for yourself makes it possible to have deeper empathy for others.

For many, having true empathy for oneself is the hardest thing to do. Why? You guessed it—the Judge’s pervasive interference.

When Empathy Is Needed

Consider this Sage’s power as the remedy to the Judge’s badgering.

“Empathy recharges our batteries and renews vitality that is drained by the Judge’s agitation.

Think of empathy as the power you should use when your emotional reserve is running low, when the person needs some recharging before moving on with problem-solving action”.

Power Game: Visualize the Child

One of the most impactful power game is to look at one of your childhood photos and reconnect with your true essence, the one you were born with, who you were (and still are) at the beginning of your life. Meditate on that self-love. Then, think of someone in your life that you want to have empathy for by envisioning the child within them.

When considering yourself in a tough spot, consider the most loving and compassionate thing you could say to yourself in this situation? (Visualize yourself as a child if it helps to access empathy.)

When you are interacting with others, try putting yourself in the their shoes and envision their younger self and vulnerability.

When you allow yourself to be receptive to leveraging the power of the Empathize Sage power, you open untold possibilities for yourself and for relationships with others, in work or interpersonal situations. I invite you to try it.

PS – – Today’s visual is me when I was three. When I look at that precious child, I see goodness and possibility. What do you see in your childhood image, your younger self?

By accessing the Empathize Sage Power, we shut down our Saboteurs from hijacking ourselves and emotions so that we can experience calm since the path of the Sage is the path of ease and flow.

With guided practice, we keep our nasty Saboteurs at bay and are victorious in work performance, relationships and overall wellbeing. A worthwhile journey.

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