(adapted from Positive Intelligence™) – 5 of 6

The last of the Sage powers, the Activate, helps you move into decisive, clear-headed, laser-focus action by using the Power Game that preempts your Saboteurs and which is associated with feeling fierce and fearless.

When faced with decisions to move forward or stay put, ask yourself:

  • What specific actions am I willing to commit to?
  • As I move into action, what lies do my Saboteurs try to tell me to sabotage this action?
  • What would my Sage response be?

If your Judge Saboteur is screaming at you, you may hear:

  • “You aren’t doing this right. What’s wrong with you”.
  • “She isn’t doing her part right. It’s so frustrating”!
  • “What just happened that was outside my control is BAD. I can’t succeed in this environment”.

Your Saboteurs are constantly shouting at you, inside your head. The trick is to replace them with the practiced Sage powers which moves you to a more positive place, which turns down the volume at these pesky characters.

Taking these steps is truly the difference between living in constant inner conflict and living a life of ease and flow.

By accessing the Activate Sage Power, you shut down your Saboteurs from hijacking you and emotions so that you can experience calm since the path of the Sage is the path of ease and flow.

With guided practice, you keep your nasty Saboteurs at bay and show up more powerful and present in work performance, relationships and overall wellbeing. A worthwhile journey.

How does this resonate with you? Are you tired of those negative inner voices (aka Saboteurs) running the show, in your head?

Come join us at our next Mental Fitness Bootcamp, where we’ll outline the daily micro steps to move towards the Sage lifestyle.

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