What is Mental Fitness, Why it is a Cornerstone of our CHANGEMAKERS Program AND Why You Should Care

Kimberly Rice

As CHANGEMAKERS, we are lifelong learners who can still be sabotaged by our own thoughts. It’s staggering how much chatter we tolerate that often derails our positive change making.

What ARE those voices in our head?

💡You know, the ones that shout “not good enough” and “do you really think you are ready for this”?

💡Do you ever hear “who do you think you are”? or “Is it really your place to speak up like this”?

💡These voices create doubt in ourselves (despite being highly competent and qualified).

💡These voices sow seeds of anxiety and prompt us to avoid conflict and say yes to things that we don’t want.
💡These voices create anxiety when things are not go our way.
💡These insidious whisperings distract us from achieving our goals.
💡 As if that was not enough (excuse the pun), these inner thoughts prompt skepticism and cynicism.
So, for the love of all that is good, how do we get a grip on the inner chatter?

Check out this clip to understand more and DM me if you’re ready to enhance your path, once and for all.

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