Your mind can be your best friend, but it is also your worst enemy, involved in self-sabotage.

Your self-sabotage is caused by what we call “Saboteurs” in your mind.

These Saboteurs are your internal enemies.

They represent a set of automatic habits in your mind, each with its own voice, beliefs and assumptions that work against your best interest.

There are 10 Saboteurs in total, and we all struggle with at least a couple of them.

Formed in early childhood, these Saboteurs helped you survive physically and emotionally as a child.

However, they greatly limit your potential as an adult.

Over the last few weeks, I have outlined each of the Saboteurs, beginning with the master Saboteur, the Judge. We ALL have this nasty character in our brain and thoughts. Judging ourselves, judging others and judging our circumstances.

The first step to weakening your Saboteurs is to identify and expose them, as you can’t fight an invisible enemy, or one pretending to be your friend.

That is what our Mental Fitness Bootcamp (hyperlink) is about: identifying your Saboteurs and taking concrete, micro steps to strengthen your Sage powers (Explore, Empathize, Innovate, Navigate and Activate), which we explore in the eight-week Bootcamp.

Beginning with taking a FREE online Saboteur Assessment, we help guide you to turn down the volume and mitigate the negative inner thoughts that hold you back and slow you down from a life of ease and flow (yes, this is possible).

The Saboteur Assessment helps us to discover which of the 10 Saboteurs is doing the greatest harm to you, right now.

There 𝐈𝐒 a way to turn down the volume on The Saboteur voices inside your head. It’s a foundation of our Mental Fitness Bootcamp.

To learn more about the FREE Assessment, the Bootcamp and pivoting to less stress, less anxiety, better relationships (with yourself and others) and overall healthier wellbeing, DM me.

We are SO excited about your healthy mental fitness opportunity. Aren’t you?

If you are tired and frustrated with the competing voices in your head and feeling like you are taking one step forward and two steps back, DM me to learn how you can pivot to a more calm way of being with as little as six minutes of exercise a day. For real!

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