The Why of Building Mental Fitness

Kimberly Rice

If you follow me at all, you’ve noticed that I’ve been talking about building mental fitness a lot lately, what is actually is, the importance of it and how our lives, careers and overall wellbeing increases when we are stronger.

Here’s what I know:

There are so many businesspeople and professionals (not always the same) who have great insights into “what” they can do to make their situations or circumstances better, whether it be:

Advance in their careers

Attract lots of new clients

Create a lifestyle business that allows for freedom of time and location

Develop an expert reputation in their chosen field

Network with the best business gurus

Cultivate meaningful business relationships

Stay in constant contact with their networks

Yet, they do not consistently act upon the goals they have set for themselves and, sometimes, with coaches, like me invest handsomely and waste countless hours.

Over decades, I have worked alongside some of the best and brightest clients, guiding them to declare their goals, outlined “baby step” plans to help them reach their goals, breaking down each strategy to manageable implementation steps.

Then, nothing.

I’ve heard all the excuses, often delivered with shame and embarrassment. These highly qualified and competent professionals say they know what they want (see above) yet do not take the very steps that we’ve co-created together to move them closer to their stated goals.

The reasons? Not taking action is, of course, a default decision. Now, I understand why. Their Saboteurs are running the show (more on that soon).

When I began studying about mental fitness, saboteurs and sage powers, it began to make sense to me why clients could not, despite their good intentions and rhetoric, move forward.

They are not in command of their brains. No disrespect, whatsoever.

When we behave in a way that is the opposite of what we say we want to do or be, we are not in control. Our Saboteurs are.

Before I guide, advise or coach a client on the technical steps of creating a career of their dreams by charting their own course, I now know that our clients must do the mental fitness work prior to learning the mechanical aspects. Otherwise, everyone is wasting previous time.

We must be awakened to what is holding us back, to those inner voices that sabotage us and the things we say we want.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll introduce the nasty Saboteurs, how they show up and how to disarm them.

Learning how to turn the volume down on these berating voices can help you renew your goals and, this time, actually propel yourself forward.

Watch here to learn more and, as always, DM me to schedule a discovery chat.

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