The Road to Enlightenment: The Mental Fitness Imperative

Kimberly Rice

Living and living well – two totally different ways to exist.
One brings countless challenges and complications – – over-demanding bosses, unrealistic client expectations, children behavioral issues, health concerns, etc. 😳

The other keeps us in positive emotion of calm, clear-headedness, curiosity, laser-focused action. We roll with whatever comes our way, regardless.
While we cannot control what may come our way, we can control how we respond to whatever shows up.
And, we have a choice: we can succumb to the stress, anxiety, guilt, shame, self doubt, inner critic and other negative emotions or make a choice to pivot into positive emotion, regardless of the situation or circumstances.
With all good intentions to making positive change, we know that our brains can actually work against us.
Our brains are hardwired for survival and not necessarily happiness or peace. 🧠
That’s one of the reasons I made the choice a bit over a year ago to take proactive and intense steps to eliminate negativity from my life – – work, family and relationships – – and step into a life of ease and flow.
How, you ask? So glad you did.
By proactively taking daily micro steps to build my mental muscles through a mental fitness operating system – #positiveintelligence (PQ for short).
PQ is a series of breakthrough, research-based tools designed to strengthen the part of our brains that serves us and quiets the part that sabotages us. 

Who knew there are actually two brains inside our brain but, yep, there sure are.

Think of it as the “Jedi warrior brain” and the Darth Vader side of the brain. One wants to destroy us (which is where our negative emotions originate) and the other side that enables calm, clear-headed, creativity, curiosity and laser-focus action.

When we build our mental muscles, we handle life’s challenges with a more positive mindset, and less stress.

When we dwell in the “negative” emotions of fear, shame, anger, resentment or guilt (the Saboteurs), we become mired in a painful spiral of stress and anxiety that effects our physical health and overall enjoyment of life and work.

And, sadly, the negativity is contagious to those within our stratosphere – – partner, friends, colleagues, etc.

Similar to building our physical muscles, we need something to build our mental muscle so that we can respond with more positivity (the Sage) and protect our valuable energy.

By building your mental strength that you can minimize stress and greatly enhance creativity, happiness, ease and flow into your life.
Interested to know more? DM me for the deets.

I’ve included a link in the comments to learn more about the neuroscience of the brain authored by Shirzad Chamine, Harvard trained neuroscientist, researcher and founder of the #positiveintelligence movement.

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