Are Your Saboteurs Running Your Life? + The Judge

Kimberly Rice

(One of a series of 10)

As a strong, first step to building mental fitness to live a life of ease and flow of less stress, anxiety, guilt or shame, we must identify those nasty characters called Saboteurs that live in our brains and wreak havoc on our lives, our work and our relationships.

Saboteurs are those voices in our brains that berate us with negative emotions as we strive to address life’s daily challenges.

These 10 pesky characters include:

Master Saboteur: The Judge


Once we identify which of these Saboteurs are running the show, we can take proactive, daily micro steps to turn down the volume on them and deflate their power over us, our peak performance, relationships and overall wellbeing.

Today, I’m outlining the Judge, the Master Saboteur.

The Judge, as its name implies, judges…ourselves, others and our situations and circumstances.

The Judge are those inner voices that finds fault with just about everything we do, and don’t do.

Recognize the “what were you thinking”? or “how could you have done that”? questions that plague us, despite trying our best?

How about the “I can’t believe she did that to me”, “Who does he think he is, speaking to me like that”? Or, how about “They have no clue what an idiot they sound like”? Judging others.

Then, there is the Judge of our situation or circumstances. The inner voice that causes too much of our stress, anxiety, disappointment, anxiety anger, shame, regret…any negative emotion. This Judge may show up as perceived missed opportunities, hoping that things could be better and/or different.

This Master Saboteur may sound like “I just can’t get a break”, “I can’t seem to get ahead because of office politics”. “Despite how hard I try, I can’t seem to attract new clients”.

Sound familiar?

When we begin to recognize the lies and illusions of our Judge Master Saboteur, we can pivot away from the negative emotions to more positive ones. With practice.

That’s where the PQ operating system comes in, to help us name our Judge and the many ways it focuses us on what is wrong instead of what is going right in our lives.

To learn how to turn the volume on this nasty character, DM me for the deets.

Next up: The Avoider

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