Episode #42 The Interconnected Changemaker: My Conversation with Rachel Clar

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A trailblazer and explorer are among my guest Rachel Clar’s many titles.

Those and…lawyer, mom, entrepreneur, sister, daughter, friend, Founder and CEO of Interconnected Us, and Compassionate Disruptor, just to name a few.

Although she was educated as a lawyer, Rachel felt that her unique traits could be better leveraged outside the practice of law. After working for decades in different progressive sectors of the real estate industry, Rachel felt a need to “make a change” that would capitalize on her analytical and relational skills, but in an impactful, leveraged way that was closer to her heart.

Listen in as Rachel and I discuss her journey, including the ups and downs that led her to jump ship as an employee, and join the entrepreneurial world in the service of uplifting the lives of progressive, ambitious women lawyers.

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