Episode #37 – The Alignment Changemaker: My Conversation with Patty Beach

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Now, more than ever, leadership teams must be aligned in their goals and values to continue to move in the same direction, in a meaningful way.

Designing and delivering leadership programs that transform managers into the best bosses ever and executives into inspirational role models that can scale and grow the company is what my colleague and friend Patty Beach, inclusive leadership evolutionist and author of the bestselling book: The Art of Alignment: A Practical Guide for Inclusive Leadership focuses her business LeadershipSmarts on.

Listen in as Patty and I discuss the changing workplace and why creating inclusive environments where all voices are heard and decisive actions are taken to move new ideas forward is the quickest path to growth and prosperity.

As a special gift to CHANGEMAKERS podcast listeners, Patty has curated an Alignment toolkit package that includes an executive summary and PDF copy of her book The Art of Alignment A Practical Guide for Inclusive Leadership along with other helpful tools and resources. Access them here: leadershipsmarts.com/changemakers. (https://www.leadershipsmarts.com/changemakers)

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