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  • Fearless and Free 02 CHANGEMAKERS Blog tn | CHANGEMAKERS Fearless and Free: Three Steps to a More Healthy and Fulfilled You - There was a time when women feared they might be eaten by large animals or die of starvation - external dangers. Nowadays, women experience many fears that are more internally-focused: fear of failure fear of rejection fear of not following “the rules” fear of not “measuring up” In my coaching sessions with clients and during our Women Rainmaker Forum program, ... Read More
  • Confidence is the Secret Sauce CHANGEMAKERS Blog tn | CHANGEMAKERS Confidence IS the Secret Sauce - Confidence is one of our most sought-after traits in life and in business. Confident people accomplish more and reach their goals, despite occasional doubt or rumination. An air of certainty attracts others to them even when their work is not perfect. Out of the hundreds of women I’ve worked with as a coach and program facilitator, most expressed a deep ... Read More
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg CHANGEMAKERS Blog Post tn | CHANGEMAKERS The Changemaker of All Changemakers: Standing on the Shoulders of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg - If there were ever a changemaker, it was Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Decades before her high Court appointment, Ginsburg fiercely advocated for gender equality and served famously as a role model for females of all ages as she proclaimed that it is our birthright to create the life and career of our dreams by charting our own course. ... Read More
  • endurance resilience grit tn | CHANGEMAKERS Five Ways to Develop More Grit - As a contributor to Authority Magazine and Thriv Global, I was recently interviewed on the Five Ways to Develop More 'Grit'.  In these most unusual times, don't we all need to dig deep to access our resilience to keep ourselves moving forward. How are you developing your grit these days?  Check out the article below Accept that you are perfect, ... Read More
  • CHANGEMAKERS Blog Image 03 tn | CHANGEMAKERS How Does Mindset Really Matter? - I recently returned from a Mindset Retreat held in Orlando as part of my business growth strategy with 400 of my new best friends from across the globe. During an intensive three-day event, I learned new ways of thinking, affirmed existing mindsets and stretched my mind to future possibilities. From nearly 30 hours of learning, sharing, masterminding and yes, dancing, ... Read More
  • UPDATED Self Confidence Chart 2020 | CHANGEMAKERS The Confidence Playbook: How We Lose It and Ten Steps to Re-claim It to Thrive - Not speaking up when we know the right answer. Not negotiating a compensation package to advance our professional journey. Not accepting the credit for the brightest idea in the room. Not having “that” conversation because we hate confrontation. We have all experienced and/or have witnessed it. What, exactly, am I speaking of? Lack of confidence manifesting itself in a myriad ... Read More
  • executive women self image mirror tn | CHANGEMAKERS How Women’s Body Image Impacts Well Being and Business Prosperity - Coaching many women lawyers and professionals, I am consistently struck by the common threads I hear over and over that are, frankly, distressing. To set the stage, a typical coaching intake session consists of learning about the clients’ present business generation efforts, whether they are “fishing in the right ponds” and if they have a written business plan, how they ... Read More