EP #34 – The Ice Breaking and Glass Breaking Changemaker: My Conversation with Vice Admiral Sandra Stosz, USCG (ret).

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If ever a woman was at the forefront of an industry and a true trailblazer, it is retired Vice Admiral Sandra Stosz. While she chose to attend the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, she rose up the ranks in the wholly male dominated military of the USCG. Sandy served with distinction, traveled the world and led from the front for 40 … Read More

EP #33 – The Pivot Changemaker: My conversation with Lisa Linkowsky

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Life and careers are fluid and constantly changing. As changemakers, we pivot and adapt. That’s exactly what today’s CHANGEMAKERS spotlight Lisa Linkowsky has done so elegantly, moving from employee to entrepreneur. Listen in as Lisa and I discuss her transition, lessons learned and how all women professionals can truly create the career of their dreams by charting their own course

Episode #30 – The Civility and Professional Growth Changemaker: A conversation with Sejal Thakker

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A former private practicing employment lawyer, Sejal learned through her journey that she is more of a conflict resolution woman than a litigator. In short, she’s a positive changemaker in the sense that she guides companies and individuals to find common ground rather than to hammer it out in court. Listen in to hear how Sejal pivoted from a senior … Read More

Episode #29 – The Intentionality Changemaker: A Conversation with Elise Holtzman, Esq.

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002 29 10 2020 | CHANGEMAKERS

Leaving the life of a private practicing lawyer behind to pursue an executive coaching business via The Lawyer’s Edge, Elise Holtzman draws from her own life and legal experiences to guide lawyers to identify opportunities and challenges to achieve professional and personal success. Listen in as Elise and Chief Changemaker Kimberly Rice discuss how to leverage the valuable intersection of mindset … Read More

Episode #28 – The Upleveling Changemaker: A Conversation with Savi Barrowes

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Emphatic changemakers have often triumphed over tragedies in their lives that propel them to uplift and inspire others to do likewise. Our latest guest Sari Barrowes began her life with no tangible prospects and has risen to be a global leader, earning an MBA from MIT Sloan, and transforming corporate professionals into high performers. She is the creator of the … Read More

Episode #27 – The Healing Changemaker: A Conversation with Dr. Debi Silber

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Changemakers are characterized by their resilience, steadfastness and “never give up” attitude. Yet, experiencing trauma can knock anyone back on their heels. Through her own journey of recovering from post betrayal syndrome and intense study, Dr. Debi Silber discovered a predictable and proven process that moves willing individuals from betrayal to breakthrough. This process, coupled with many years of health, … Read More

Episode #25 – The Improv Changemaker: A Conversation with JD Gershbein

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A true test of a changemaker is how well we can, in fact, adapt to and lead change. With formal training in improvisation (via The Second City Chicago Training Center) and background in organizational psychology, JD Gershbein’s career personifies that of a changemaker and positive change agent. While he has worn a number of professional hats, the constant theme has … Read More