New Beginnings

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Are you excited or already overwhelmed? The first week following Labor Day signals the return to the school classroom, the beginning of the Fall season and perhaps end-of-year planning. All very exciting things OR things that trigger your “saboteurs” (those inner voices that stymie us into negative thoughts and energy) into overwhelm, fear, anxiety and other nagging emotions. ✔️ I remember when I was in school, I loved the first day of class. The smell of a fresh notebook. Seeing my friends again. Meeting new teachers. With all these fun things, I still felt anxious about moving into the next level of my education. “What if I didn’t like my new teachers?” “Would I be smart enough for this advanced class?” “What if I couldn’t find my way around a new school?” (I went to five different ones between grades 1-12). All the uncertainties conjured up a lot of fear and anxiety in my brain. It created a lot of self-doubt and did not help me to show up ready to learn. Fast forward several decades. ? As adults, we all have innumerable “new beginnings” in our work and lives. A new job. A new supervisor. A new marriage. A new business. A new child. A new client. The list goes on though the feelings can be very similar. ? Having a concrete way to reduce negative thoughts and convert them to positive has been life changing practice that I have learned and coach clients to discover. We affectionately refer to it as building mental fitness and self-command.  ? Learning how to re-imagine our inner thoughts and replace them with strong, positive thoughts that support us so much better. ? Imagine, how much richer would life be if we could quieten our saboteurs (believe it or not, there are 10 different ones) and literally change the way our brain processes our inner thoughts. ? What if you could perceive whatever life throws your way as a gift and opportunity, even in the most extreme examples. New beginnings are fantastic, especially if they are not attached to those nagging anxious thoughts linked to performance or self-worth. ? If you’re ready to turn down the volume on negative thoughts and learn what your saboteurs are (and how to reduce them), DM me. I will share a link to a FREE assessment, with results that will blow your mind! Here’s to new beginnings with only positives!!

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