What Makes a Woman a Changemaker?

She is consistently in the state of becoming better, professionally and personally. She thinks bigger, dreams bigger. She leads from the heart and her head follows.

  • CHANGEMAKERS stand on the metaphorical mountain peak, look at and understand the overall landscape...where we are and where we need to go.

  • CHANGEMAKERS are courageous and confident because they recognize they must be to have the greatest impact on the world.

  • CHANGEMAKERS eliminate self-imposed barriers and limiting beliefs.

  • CHANGEMAKERS are comfortable out of the comfort zone and understand the value and the need to go proactively to those places.

  • CHANGEMAKERS inspire others because they live fearlessly and learn from their failures.

  • CHANGEMAKERS are “all in” for new challenges, knowing this is the fastest path to personal and professional growth.

  • CHANGEMAKERS understand issues deeply, re-frame them into a vision then create an action-oriented path forward.

  • CHANGEMAKERS ask the right questions, connect the dots, cultivate relationships, understand the implication of making a change and the consequences of not.

  • CHANGEMAKERS share their talent, gifts and expertise.

  • CHANGEMAKERS understand what motivates people, the different approaches, processes and personalities to learning, communicating and driving change.

  • CHANGEMAKERS are value driven, mission driven and thrive on meaningful action for purpose, on purpose.

  • CHANGEMAKERS do not settle for less than everything because they are keen to their worthiness.