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My Changemaker Story

Kimberly Rice - My CHANGEMAKER Story | CHANGEMAKERS As Founder and Chief Changemaker of CHANGEMAKERS, Kimberly Rice has been leading change her entire life, personally and professionally. She was that girl who would prove a teacher and boss wrong when they said something could not be done.

Before it was chique, Kimberly’s motto was and is: “I can. I will. Watch me”. This is her mentality in all aspects of her life.

In her strategic marketing communications and then professional services marketing career, Kimberly was typically the only woman in the room, disrupting the status quo and tired traditions of corporate practices. Bringing her analytical and strategic perspective to every challenge, she is also in-tune with the feminine energy of intuition, collaboration and emotional awareness.

Nationally recognized as one of the top leaders in strategic business and professional development, Kimberly collaborates with forward-thinking organizations and their women executives across the country to educate them how to create the career of their dreams by charting their own course by transforming fear into action and limiting beliefs into unlimited possibilities to dramatically increase their confidence and courage.

Kimberly is described as “fearless” for having the courage and confidence to do what most only dream of doing, leaving a six-figure income and successful 20-year corporate career to start her own business. She authentically shares her personal stories of death defying experiences and transformation with audiences of all ages and sizes across the globe. Her positive energy, humor and ability to weave powerful storytelling inspires, educates and connects with women at all levels, from diverse backgrounds and industries. She delivers actionable and specific strategies that deliver tangible, measurable results in both their personal and professional lives.

As a consummate storyteller who uses the power of story to engage her audiences, Kimberly sprinkles her sense of humor throughout her educational programs. She is a champion for women as she strongly believes we all have the right to be seen and heard.

Living the adage of becoming the change she wants to see, Kimberly collaborates with organizations, businesses and individuals across the globe who align with her mission to further the advancement of women and girls.

As a keynote and program facilitator, Kimberly inspires and electrifies audiences to get in touch with their grit, re-claim their confidence and take bold steps to improve their careers and lives by taking demonstrative action. Whether working one-on-one or presenting before thousands, clients and audiences appreciate the deep knowledge, humor and warmth that Kimberly brings to every presentation.

Kimberly is author of How Women Can Create the Career of their Dreams by Charting their own Course and Rainmaker Roadmap: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Prosperous Business (available on Amazon), Kimberly taps her passion for providing uplifting and concrete strategies for women to attain their highest potential.

In response to her women client demand, Kimberly founded the Women Rainmaker Forum and hosts the CHANGEMAKERS podcast for which she interviews national experts on a broad range of business growth strategies, women business empowerment and gender equality issues.