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CHANGEMAKERS - Meeting of Professional Women in Business Program A CHANGEMAKER recognizes she is the master of her fate, captain of her destiny. She has shed the limiting beliefs and instead has taken forward action from the power within her. She can do what has never been done before.

It is the mission of CHANGEMAKERS to inspire and facilitate positive change among forward-thinking women professionals through transformative learning and masterminding, professional coaching, building our tribe and business acceleration. Plus, a gift we all need, the gift of friendly accountability.

CHANGEMAKERS - Women Thrive In Their Tribe - Coffee Talk Leveraging decades of demonstrated experience as a positive change agent in corporate and non-profit settings, Chief CHANGEMAKER Kimberly Rice has launched this unique multi-touch business accelerator program as an outgrowth of her decades of coaching women professionals to greater prosperity, fulfillment and impact.

In a one-of-its-kind multi-touch business program, Kimberly has assembled a high-level professional community including experiential online and in-person learning through which to learn critical skillsets that women have often not yet mastered to advance their careers and businesses.

This is a not-to-be-missed professional development program with life-changing results.

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